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At Michael Bruno Agency, we understand that the idea of purchasing insurance can be stressful and unpleasant. Here we strive to make the reality of insurance coverage much different. With our friendly and knowledgeable staff, your experience will be simple, straightforward, and easy. You don't need to take anymore unnecessary risks because you think you can't get affordable insurance or you don't have an agency you can trust. We're here working for you every day and won't rest until you have the coverage you deserve. 

Personal and Business Property Insurance

Your home is one of your most important investments and we can help protect it. Our home insurance is always designed to fit your specific property and helps keep it safe in the event of theft or natural disaster. Property insurance also provides you with peace of mind, a secure future, and places you in the optimal economic position. Along with property insurance we also provide a wide range of personal insurance including business insurance, life insurance, and more. To learn more about all of your options, all you have to do is call. You can set up a free consultation and we'll make sure to go over every choice you could possibly need and answer your questions!

Auto Insurance

As a car owner, you know the unexpected can happen at anytime. Whether you're an exemplary driver or not, you're not the only person on the road and accidents are extremely common. Stop worrying about the risks of driving without insurance which include both legal and financial penalties and get covered today. At Michael Bruno Agency, we will find a policy that is best for you, your vehicle, and your lifestyle. You'll be protected and no longer have to stress about costly disputes. Also, even better, you'll be covered financially if you do have an accident and will not have added debt hanging over your head. Auto insurance is the right and smart way to go. Call today!

Casualty Insurance

As we all know too well, accidents or tragedy can strike at any moment. It's better to be prepared than the alternative, and by investing in casualty insurance you can be protected and have the ability to take control of problems when they arise. At Michael Bruno Agency we offer a wide range of casualty insurance designed to fit a diverse group of individuals from white collar to blue collar industries. Our insurance covers where most leave off so you'll never be left in a lurch wondering how you'll be able to get through a tough time. Call today to learn more about our specific policies.

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